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Global Logistics: Challenges In Our Changing World (25 March 2021)

COVID-19 was a big challenge in 2020 which just disturbed people all over the globe physically and mentally. It gave a tough time to all the people, the governments, doctors, businesses, education departments and other domains of life as well.

Due to the quarantine, online shopping became the new normal and we saw a peak in the growth of e-commerce which put already burdened logistics companies under more pressure. As the second and now the third wave of covid has also hit the world so we can say that the pandemic is going to be there in 2021 as well. One satisfying event that happened in 2021 is the invention of COVID-19 vaccines and its successful result has however allowed people to relax and for now, the vaccines are being delivered all around the world.

After the invention of the vaccine, now the estimate is the initial 8 billion doses necessary for a first vaccination of the population over the globe. Talking about the load on the logistics companies in Dubai, the U.S and the other regions around the world, the calculated freight volume requires 8,000 Boeing 747s. Then, they need the proper storage of the vaccines with accurate refrigerated facilities at the storage locations.

Proper handling of vaccines and transportation at a controlled temperature is all the headache of the logistics companies. The cargo companies have extended their network to make things easier for themselves. The complete network of logistics companies in Dubai, Australia, Italy, the U.S etc have now cooperated. 

Global air cargo collaboration

To handle and overcome the pandemic, different countries have made their special task forces. Talking about the taskforce in Asia, the Changi Ready Taskforce has been set up at Singapore’s airport, for the transportation and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. Logistics companies in Dubai have also their special teams for the distribution. The team handles the cargo handlers, airlines, government agencies, and freight forwarders.

These task forces work in a way that they prepare the air cargo community to meet the logistical demands of vaccine distribution. Air cargo is the best to transport the vaccines in a shorter period of time and handling and storage vaccines. To transport the COVID vaccine at the controlled temperature transport and distribution is a bigger challenge for the logistics integrators. Some companies are creating the “freezer farms” featuring the banks of -80°C freezers. These specific numbers of freezers are able to store 48,000 vials of vaccine.

FedEx has recently launched the SenseAware ID. The company is offering the latest sensor-based exclusive technology. Logistics companies in Dubai are also going with this technology of SenseAware ID to tackle the hardships of pandemics. This special product of FedEx provides package visibility for freights using a compact sensor. This sensor transmits its location every two seconds. This will help the distributors to transport the vaccines safely.

Cool Boxes

In this difficult time for the world, the manufacturing companies are also the stakeholders who manufactured temperature-controlled containers for the storage of the vaccines throughout the shipment. Some companies which have a higher demand for their products and are therefore expanding their businesses are CSafe Global, Envirotainer, and SkyCell.

Envirotainer is a Sweden company specialized in secure cold chain solutions which are used for the air freights for pharmaceuticals. They have now expanded the RAP e2 and four new RAP e2 stations have been started in New York, Miami, Philadelphia, and Seattle. These stations will increase the capacity to safely ship both COVID-19 medicines and vaccines and other temperature-controlled solutions. The logistics companies in Dubai are going with better options for cool boxes and make sure to store the vaccines more appropriately.

Talking about CSafe Global is a U.S based leading company in the U.S. producing cold containers. They have also extended their presence in Taipei, Taiwan. Providing the ease of transport in the region and keeping the COVID vaccines in proper storage boxes. This will also boost Taiwan’s biotech and pharmaceutical sectors to reach all over the globe through high-quality cool boxes. The chief operating officer for CSafe Global, Tom Weir says, “CSafe continues expanding its presence in Asia by investing in facilities to provide service to customers in their local area.”

Last but not least SkyCell is a swiss based company providing the best solution for cold storage containers to get over the pandemic. It is actually a hybrid solution which is having two components:

  • Providing real-time insight into the condition of the payload which is monitoring.
  • Safety to check the temperature jaunts in the first place which is the passive solution.


The logistics companies in Dubai are endeavouring to provide the vaccines through the best shipping solutions and making the easy storage of the vaccines through the cool boxes and the delivering the vaccines through the air freights. Also, the teams and the task forces are working to distribute the vaccines so that the freight companies are not flooded with the work.

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