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Eco-friendly NYX Cosmetics are Now Available at Online Marketplaces

Eco-friendly NYX Cosmetics are Now Available at Online Marketplaces

If you want to know how much the residents of UAE love the beauty and glamor then you will get an exclusive idea from the fact that they have spent more than $2.1 billion dollars on beauty and personal care products. But is it worthwhile? What about the pollution created by the toxins of beauty products that is making the lives of the citizens hell and damaging all the natural resources? There is obviously a need for an alternative solution. Here we go, it’s NYX!

NYX is the brand known for its eco-friendly cosmetics. Many names like Easy Shopping are selling the wide and quality range of this brand’s products with affordable prices in UAE in order to take an initiative of blending glamor with environment, including NYX lipsticks, eyelashes, shadow sticks, eyeshadows and shimmering baked blushes.

Why They Choose NYX to Give the Beauty Package to Customers?

Although, we all are familiar with the enchanting packaging and color cosmetics but there is a huge benefit to this environment too. Let’s see the advantages:

NYX Comprises of Organic Ingredients - Organic beauty product is lot more different than the conventional one. If a beauty brand like NYX is known to produce organic products, it means the ingredients are harvested without the use of any pesticide or harmful chemicals. This is the ultimate symbol of being earth friendly because there is zero damage of soil and decreased percentage of chemicals in air or in water supply. Moreover, this organic feature of NYX makes it more skin friendly because of the absence of irritants and unhealthy ingredients. Such ingredients also produce the natural fragrance which eventually gives the physical healing benefits.

Ultimate Health Benefits Because It’s Gluten-Free - Whatever we apply to our skin, it is ultimately absorbed. Keeping this factor in mind, NYX is labeled as gluten-free. This adhesive ingredient results in watery eyes, acne and swelling which is just a cluster of side effects for the skin. If gluten is there in the lipstick, it will eventually enter inside human body, resulting in celiac disease which affects the immune system, causing diarrhea, fatigue or weight loss.

NYX is a Cruelty-Free Brand - Being a cruelty-free brand, NYX has maintained a commitment to avoid animal testing. Even many products are labeled as vegan. NYX is also the member of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program since 2010.

Why the Cruelty-Free/Eco-Friendly Cosmetics are Significant?

Imagine when you are thinking to purchase cruelty-free cosmetics? You are not going to buy each and every beauty product that you find on online shopping portals of UAE like Souq. You will actually become wise and choosy. You will already be aware of the cruelty-free feature of particular brands like NYX which will ultimately be good for the planet by minimizing the waste and also the wastage of resources.

For making our air clean and land liveable, NYX product’s manufacturing process comprises of cleaner procedures. Which means, less or zero toxins will be spewed into the air. Although beauty has its own worth but when it comes to saving Earth, you have to make a collaborative decision before buying cosmetics online from portals like Noon. So, think green and act wise!

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